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Hiring a cleaning company vs having an employee do the cleaning

Our services are not limited to residential cleaning, we also offer janitorial cleaning services and sometimes we clean our client’s house as well as their office. If you are a professional and have a medical office, real estate office, petroleum related office complex or construction planning and development facility we are here to help you. Our janitorial cleaning services will take the burden of having one of your employees do the cleaning (a task he/she wouldn’t necessarily enjoy) and preventing you from stressing over the fact that it wasn’t done appropriately. On top of that, a worker normally expects to do tasks specific to his/her area of expertise and is reluctant to go out of his comfort area when confronted with a job that in his view was not hired to do. This fact may bring animosity to the workplace and anxiety that could lead to possible desertions from being a part of your team and of course we all know this isn’t healthy for any company’s well- being Leave that to us and concentrate on your areas where you are most effective. Overall you’ll see a tremendous improvement in your companies’ productivity when tasks are delegated to the proper channels.
Depending on the nature of your business, we normally recommend that you hire a professional cleaning company when your staff exceeds three-five workers and working area surpasses 1500 sq. feet.

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