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Our Team is proud to serve a wide array of house cleaning, office cleaning, apartment cleaning, janitorial, and commercial cleaning services in Bakersfield CA, Pismo Beach, thousand oaks, and nearby areas. Book your consultation now, so we can tailor fit the best cleaning solutions for all your specific needs, at reasonable prices!

Following is a list of what we have to offer: If you don't see specifically what you need, please ask us!

Deep Sink Cleaning

1.Deep/detail cleaning

Our professional cleaners in Bakersfield are here to help you with that detailed cleaning that it’s needed once in a while and when you move to a new place and not just during the spring season.

Whether it’s spring or summer, our best and professional cleaners are ready to perform deep cleaning jobs that require all their attention to detail and notion of how a clean home is supposed to look and feel. They will clean areas that you normally don’t even know existed during this operation such as window sills, windows themselves, vents, baseboards, high surfaces, decorations laying on high areas that are hard to reach, tile and grout, bathroom mold, sink, and toilet calcium buildup, shower door calcium buildup, stainless steel refrigerator polishing, behind the frig. cleaning, complete cleaning, and disinfecting of the interior of the refrigerator, range oven, microwave, laundry room cleaning (yes we will even let you know if the dryer exhaust vent is clogged).

Finally, we are also capable of taking old unwanted furniture to the dump, eliminating the need for you to find someone else to finish this process. When we finish, we want to see a happy customer, one that will recommend us to their friends and relatives, as that is mainly how our new clients can find us.

Window Cleaning Services

2. Window cleaning

Is it foggy outside or are those just dirty windows? It’s time to see the real beauty that lies on the other side of the glass.

Window Cleaning in Bakersfield CA and nearby areas is a necessity now to make your windows shine and streak-free. Also, when deep cleaning your house and regularly once every couple of months. We take great pride when our clients ask us to clean/wash their windows because it complements a sanitized home and it accentuates and makes our interior cleaning stand out more, hence helping our professional staff look good.

At times we are instructed not to do a certain task (i.e. windows) because of affordability issues or other reasons. However, we always recommend doing them and taking that extra step to ensure that all is good when we leave and finish our job of Window Cleaning in Thousand Oaks (it’s kind of like taking a shower and not washing certain areas only cause no one can see them…you get the point).


3. Apartment cleaning

At Proteam Cleaning and Janitorial services, we do not limit ourselves to just residential, office, or janitorial cleaning. We include in our portfolio all the folks that for one reason or another, decided to live in a small compound as their kids have left the nest or are going through a transition period in their lives. So whether you live in a one, two, or three-bedroom, upstairs, or one-level unit we are here to take the headache of cleaning your residential suite so you can relax after work in a nice clean-smelling apartment. From emptying the trash cans to leaving your bathrooms sparkling clean, you can rest assured that when we leave you will gladly give our staff a big smile as an expression of your happiness.

In addition, we are experts in deep cleaning your unit once you decide it’s time to move on to greener pastures. We will arrange with you to come in and clean your apt. to the smallest detail cause we know that your security deposit is contingent upon you returning the premises in a clean orderly condition and we all know how apartment managers feel if a unit is left dirty and trash is strewn about. In some cases, they would not only keep your deposit but take you to court if they determine that the original deposit amount is insufficient to cover the cost of cleaning and disposing of trash left behind. So when you are ready to move remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Garage Organizing Services

4. Garage organizing

After a while and without you even realizing it the garage area gets out of control with all that clutter accumulated through the years. To alleviate this situation we help you with not just the cleaning of this unsightly area but also washing it if necessary, separating the unwanted items, getting rid of all those cobwebs, washing the garage door, getting rid of oil spots, even spraying and killing those ants in case there’s any roaming around. In addition, we also make runs to the dump in case you decide that the old couch that you’ve kept for so long has to go or any other piece of furniture, trash, or construction material detrimental to your place of residence near the thousand oaks. Pismo Beach and Bakersfield.

When we finish cleaning and re-organizing this particular area, you will be happy and actually would want to visit more often and embark on your next wood project or finish fixing that classic that you’ve put off for so long.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

5. Janitorial cleaning

In addition to deep cleaning restaurants, medical offices, real estate offices, retail stores and coffee shops, etc., we offer Janitorial services nearby Bakersfield CA, Pismo Beach and thousand oaks that includes but not limited to the following: Empty trash cans, dust all furniture, vacuuming all hard surfaces, organizing your paperwork in a tidy neat way as to make it easy for you and you can start the workday in good spirits, wiping down all monitor screens, dusting behind computers and peripherals, dusting of blinds, cleaning windows as need it, disinfecting door knobs, cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, special equipment cleaning (particular to your profession), mopping all common areas and keeping them looking bright and clean, cleaning and maintaining waiting room including wiping down chairs and center table as well as making sure your magazines are always orderly (reading material strewn about is not very pleasing to the eye), disposing of trash by-products from daily company operations, etc.

Maid Services for House

6. Maid services

Here at Proteam Cleaning & Janitorial services, we are not limited to regular cleanings of offices, homes, or places of work; We go a step beyond that to help our clients with all the cleaning aspects of daily life. To that end, we offer the best Maid Service in Thousand Oaks, together with laundry services, ironing of specific items for that special occasion, organizing your closet, making your beds in the professional matter that we know-how, making sure all blankets are kept clean, washing your sheets, keeping towels cleaned and neatly organized, organizing your bathroom, etc.

Please remember that these are specialized and unique Maid services in Bakersfield that are only offered to our existing customers and are supplemental to our regular cleaning schedules on an as-needed basis and when our clients request them.

Move in Cleaning Services

7. Moving out/in

Before moving in or out it’s critical to hire a Move-In Home Cleaning Services to sanitize, clean, take out any garbage, dispose of any old furniture left behind, etc. to ensure a smooth move and eliminate the stress associated with moving to another place.

We coordinate with you and work around your schedule to assure that you move into a decent, good-smelling, sanitized place. By the same token, leaving a place and not knowing if you left it inadequate for other people to move into can also be frustrating. We are here to eliminate that worry and make sure no one calls you after moving out to express their discontent of having to deal with a dirty house, after all, we all want to move in and settle in a nice home without having to do that extra work of cleaning your new place- the actual move is stressful enough.

Office Cleaning Services

8. Office Cleaning

Let our expert cleaners assist in the cleaning of your office so you can focus on the work you’ve been hired to do. Whether you’re a dentist or a general contractor, we are here to help you. Our commercial cleaning services in Bakersfield CA are designed and tailored to your needs and they include (among other things) emptying trash cans, dusting, mopping of common areas, maintaining computers and peripherals dust-free, wiping down all monitors and keyboards, wiping down equipment specific to your profession to your specifications, maintenance, and upkeep of bathrooms, wiping down all glass surfaces, cleaning and sanitizing of door knobs, cleaning and disinfecting of sinks and stalls, cleaning and vacuuming of waiting rooms, wiping down chairs, reorganizing magazines or any reading material dedicated to your client’s comfort. cleaning blinds and windows as needed as well as window washing.

Whether you have us there every day or every week, we will take the tedious task of maintaining your Office Cleaning Services in Nearby areas such as Thousand Oaks, Bakersfield, and Pismo Beach. cleaned and sanitized so you can work in a stress-free environment guaranteed!

Patio Cleaning Services

9. Patio/pool area cleaning

Cleaning outdoors is a necessity especially when you live in windy open areas like our beloved city. If you worry that you have an imminent gathering (or for your enjoyment)with your loved ones and the patio or pool area is not ready causes it’s full of dust and debris, we will take care of the situation, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call us, text, or email. We will wash all common outdoor areas, clean and condition patio furniture, eliminate cobwebs, deep clean tile floors if present, a detail that is a barbecue grill, and leave it as new (this unit gets full of grime and burnt matter after a few friends and family visits as we all know). Therefore the only thing left for you to do is call the pool guy to condition the water, we cover all the rest services to guarantee that your visitors will enjoy the party.

Post Construction Cleaning Services

10. Post construction clean-up

Projects such as building a new porch patio, adding an extra bedroom, or remodeling a kitchen all require the tedious task of disposing of all the little pieces of wood, drywall, concrete, tile, etc. left from the remodel. We will take all this debris to the dump for you as well as deep clean your newly built project to our high standards of cleanliness that separate us from the competition. Whether just refurbishing your home or building multiple houses we can do it all. We have the manpower and equipment to service small to medium companies dedicated to the construction industry. Lastly, if the task is too big for us to handle, don’t hesitate to call, we will try and help you to find a suitable solution in Bakersfield.

Realtor REO Cleaning Services

11. Realtor & REO cleaning services

Our realtor business relations encompass a wide variety of services including, deep cleaning of rental units for property management companies, cleaning a house ready to be shown to prospective buyers, reporting any anomalies to our client in case our crew finds any, assisting in preparing a house after the sale ensuring a smooth transition for the new buyers, light cleaning a home on the market as needed until it sells as directed, wiping down of all furniture for house staging purposes. In addition, we can help your client move when all is ready, just ask us for more details.

In the REO department, we are proud to present our capabilities designed for banks and other institutions to enable them to fix, clean, and maintain a nice decent house in pristine condition for its eventual sale or disposition by the bank’s board. We will facilitate our professional and best cleaning services in Thousand Oaks and modify them to accommodate their needs until the unloading of property comes about by proving the following: Fixing any fixture that’s broken, boarding any window/door per HUD specifications, installing any necessary smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, winterization of all bathrooms, janitorial services, initial grass cuts as well as reoccurring, exterior debris removal, disposing of all garbage and old furniture, etc.

Special occasions cleaning

12. Special occasions cleaning

Sometimes we all have that wedding, quinciañera, baptism, birthday, bachelor/bachelorette parties in the pipeline just waiting for us and there are few of us, if any, that are exempt from these special occasions. During these times everyone is so absorbed in planning and getting ready for the big event that the last thing they think about is the cleaning of the premises where the gathering will take place. Not to worry, we have you covered; The range of services we have to offer are all guaranteed to take that extra worry out of your thoughts and let you concentrate on the moments most important to you. Therefore, if you are renting tables, chairs, temporary tarp enclosures, big bulky pots, etc. or the celebration is more family-oriented and intimate, we are here to coordinate with you in keeping the place nice and clean before, during, and after the festivities. So enjoy your party and entertain your guests in this once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

Spring Cleaning Services

13. Spring cleaning

The time of year when we all want to dispose of many things that for whatever reason we decided we don’t want is the beginning of spring. We offer you all the cleaning services in Pismo Beach and nearby areas like Bakersfield and Thousand Oaks which are necessary to dispose of accumulated junk in the interior of your home as well as the exterior. After a good reorganization of your closet space and garage area, we deep clean your house so that the final product is not only cleaned but also well organized. Our staff will clean baseboards, ceiling fans, high surfaces, vents, even change air conditioning filter if asked, get rid of all cobwebs, deep clean grout, tile cleaning, range oven cleaning, microwave, refrigerator cleaning (inside/outside), bathroom cleaning and disinfecting, calcium buildup on shower doors, toilet, sink, etc.

Carpet Cleaning Services

14. Carpet cleaning

We are proud to announce that we will soon be able to provide carpet shampooing services to our valued patrons, it is programmed for 2017, we will let you know as soon as it becomes available.

We are based in Bakersfield but also cover the mountain areas of Glenville and Tehachapi! Proteam is the best and reliable company which serves out the various services mentioned above at competitive and affordable prices. Completely licensed and insured cleaning services in Bakersfield. We are the accurate choice for everyone who needs professional cleaning and janitorial services. Call us today to know more about our services, terms, and rates.

If you need assistance in moving, don't hesitate to ask, Jose would help arrange the project and point you in the right direction!
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